Simply clever: PLC plus Motion Control Modules

Intelligent motion control add-ons enable plant and machine designers to tailor their solutions to the special requirements of each customer and offer even maximum flexibility to enhance the machine's functionality.

The same PLC is used for all different types of machines, sized just for the base functionality and independent of more complex high-end machine versions or future upgrade options.

The "lean" PLC concept results in a very costeffective and easy to maintain general base solution without losing the advantage of being able to build up even more complex systems based on the same PLC hardware.

Any required motion control functionality, such as multi-axis positioning or CAM profiling, is added to the "lean" PLC by independently acting motion control modules. All modules of the MACS5 series integrate all motion control specific features and interfaces. There is no need for licenced motion control libraries or more powerful PLC hardware.

Each MACS5 module runs all necessary motion control tasks for drive regulation, path generation, positioning and synchronization on its own. Even complex subprocess flows can be implemented due to the free programmability. The PLC "triggers" the start of the MACS5 motion and process tasks and then only needs to check the status. The MACS5 executes the modular subprocess tasks without any additional PLC load. This enables the use of "lean" PLCs even in high-end machines. Modern interfaces, like CAN, EtherCAT, Powerlink, Ethernet, USB, and RS232 allow data exchange between the MACS5 and the PLC or a PC.

The compact motion control modules of the MACS5 series are the optimized solution for all machines that demand sophisticated motion control functionality combined with a flexible machine design and reduced system costs.

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