MACS Motion Control Units: Dynamic on-the-fly CAM profiling

CAM profiles are used to synchronize drives in the paper, printing, packaging and food processing industries. There are many tasks that need precise and fast reaction to achieve both high performance and high quality:

– CDs or brochures need to be fed into newspaper flows without any skips.
– Labels need to be attached precisely while goods pass at more than 100,000 pieces per hour.
– Endless paper rolls running at 300 m/min need to be cut or perforated.

The fixed upright shafts used in former times can no longer cope with today's demand for high flexibility. Modern motion control units or software libraries for embedded systems are a reliable solution for this. Each CAM profile can be unique and is calculated in real time by the control unit. This gives the flexibility to react to varying marker signals and to adapt the production quickly to different products: Flying saw applications can process differentproduct lengths at each cut. Labels can be synchronously fed to different places depending on the product.

zub machine control AG offers low-cost motion control units as well as software libraries and interfaces. One compact module does the synchronization job for up to three axes.

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