Two NEW models in the MACS5 series for logic and drive controllers

The drive technology in autarkic robot systems has to be compact, robust, high-powered and energy-efficient.

For the highly dynamic positioning and synchronization of up to 3 axes of servo and asynchronous motors zub is presenting two new high-performance controllers in this series at the sps ipc drives 2018: MACS5-Compact and MACS5-AMP3-Lite for 1 up to 3 axis controller These cost-optimized controllers are autarkic, freely programmable and designed for complex multi-axis applications, in particular for synchronization and for path control systems. They deliver extremely high performance, are highly dynamic due to the rapid processing of signals (FPGA), and have diverse communication channels with adaptable protocols.

The drives for the various travel and stroke movements are precisely controlled and moved synchronously, position data and travel profile are changed “on the fly” without intermediate stop, several CANopen servo amplifiers are controlled and monitored simultaneously, and the grippers are monitored by means of position and sensorless torque/power control.

These properties make them ideal for complex automation tasks such as the fully automatic storage and order-picking of individual products, in printing and further-processing machines to add supplements, for the synchronization of conveyor belts or the automation of packing systems. And equally for the realization of multi-axis special systems such as Delta robots, portal robots, 3D print axis systems, mobile robots, automatic door systems etc.

Such logic and drive controls can be implemented completely with zub controllers of the MACS5 series and coupled to higher-level management systems (PLC or host computer) via fieldbus, such as EtherCAT or CAN bus.

Application examples such as path control facilitate the development and start-up. The APOSS high-level language programming with powerful language elements for the positioning also makes it possible to realize product variants for different tasks efficiently and at low cost, and to secure investments in the long term. 

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