zub Safety-Drive-Concept: SIL-3, e.g. for theater applications

Safety requirements for theater applications are very strict, and it is often the case that all drives must meet the SIL-3 standard.

With this in mind, zub has developed and had certi ed a Safety Drive concept along with the accompanying software.

Stage and lighting controllers require each individual axis to be monitored and for it to be possible to deactivate each axis immediately at any time. That also applies to entire large groups of axes. This involves both monitoring speeds alone as well as monitoring them according to positions and on CAM and rail curves.

The safety applications are con gured via a safe PLC. The safety level is attained through double monitoring and the use of different systems. On one side Danfoss frequency converters with MCO, and on the other side a MACS5 that monitors up to three FCs. If a function fails or malfunctions, the MACS5 can immediately apply the brakes and open the safety contactor.

zub-Safety includes all the necessary components for the programming and con guration of safe  eld buses, and incorporates safe components from the Motion Control Library. The Safety Drive application supports the following modes in accordance with EN ISO 13849-1, EN/IEC 60204-1 and EN/IEC 61800-5-2.

Areas of use can also include all other applications that have strict safety requirements. Whether in machines with user intervention, in factory automation with safety requirements, in conveyor vehicles / shelving automation or for crane and lifting applications.

The zub Safety Drive concept is an economical OEM solution. For applications involving more than 100 controllers, its cost is signi cantly lower than that of the usual safety components.

Download Press Note „zub Safety-Drive-Concept: SIL-3”.
Download Configuration sample with Danfoss FC, MCO and MACS5
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