Low-cost controller MiniMACS: Strong performance at a low price.

zub AG launches its first low-cost control device on the market with the MiniMACS at the SPS/IPC/Drives in Nuremberg at booth 1-140.

This motion controller can control several amplifiers via the CAN bus, and is ideal for combination with DSA amplifiers from zub AG or with Danfoss/VACON frequency converters.

The control unit positions and synchronizes with accustomed precision and efficiency. The low-cost device is developed for simple applications, and is the ideal choice for 1 to 3-axis solutions. The data is exchanged with the PLC or PC via the CAN or USB interface.

In terms of precision and functionality, the MiniMACS is the equal of the MACS5 model series in every respect. Under the heading of „full performance at a substantially lower price“, zub AG presents its latest development at the trade fair, making know-how, innovation and technological progress available to a broad target segment.

Download Data Sheet and Press Note.