Motion Control Library with profile generator in real time

Thirty years of experience are stored in the zub Motion Control Library – too much for proprietary use. zub now offers this extensive library for licensed ...

use regardless of your own control systems and provides an important tool and expertise for your personal drive solutions as complete functional commands. The standard library can be extended arbitrarily with the modular system. Such additional packages include for example software for cam disks, synchronization and positioning, jerk limited movements, a PathEditor and an oscilloscope.

The Motion Control Library premiered in Beckhoff control systems. Although these controllers have its own library, but for special motion control tasks the zub Motion Control Library is optimum usable.
With the Motion Control Library zub provide the software features for the drives to execute the motion profiles, which the customer needs, This will be achieved by a profile generator, which is processed in background as an own task – and that in real time.

The library is also suited for companies who develop software on their own or standard hardware. When they do not have the time or experience for complex motion control commands, they can buy the library license with suitable modular packages and benefit from many advantages: Saving of time, bypass the training curve, and produce rapids results. This was possible due to industry-proven software with extensive and flexible features, and an independent programming language