Well-equipped for «Industrie 4.0» – the new MasterMACS

With the latest product of the MACS5 control generation, zub AG points the way towards «Industrie 4.0». The new MasterMACS control from zub is

a product designed specifically for current market requirements. As a successor to earlier generations, it contains features not previously available. These include an array of interfaces (including fieldbus variants) and an integrated multi-axes network controller (up to 20 axes/control unit). The evolution of the MasterMACS has brought it from the EtherCAT master to the flexible highend control that meets the requirements of «Industrie 4.0».

By complying with standard such as EtherCAT and PLCopen Motion Control, as well as using a uniform programming language, the various communication channels can be seamlessly interconnected via MasterMACS. As well, the integrated web server allows users to connect in-house by means of web interface.

The MasterMACS is enormously flexible and versatile in use: It controls DSA servo amplifiers and Danfoss FU via the CAN bus or various drives (e.g. Maxon/Dunker/FU) as EtherCAT master. It may be connected as EtherCAT slave with an PLC or communicate via Ethernet with a PC. And last but not least, it can operate as web server with customer-specific pages.

Typical fields of use of MasterMACS are high-performance applications, where many axes must be synchronized precisely and in high speed. For this purpose, the high-performance MasterMACS offers ideal support with its fast control cycles (positioning control cycle from 100 μs).

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