sps ipc drives trade fair premier: Master-MACS EtherCAT Drive

Master MACS for the control of intelligent drives and synchronization of up to 20 axes. The most recent product of the MACS5 series is a high-performance

 motion control module for the control of intelligent drives and the synchronization of many axes. Typical fields of use are applications where many axes must be synchronized perfectly and in high speed. For this purpose the high-performance Master-MACS offers ideal conditions with its fast control cycles (positioning control cycle from 100 μs). The maximum number of axes depends on the complexity and required update rate of the drives. Example: 20 axes with high complexity and jerk limitation still allow an update rate of 3 kHz.

Interfaces are EtherCAT (master and slave) and Ethernet as well as RS232 and CANopen (master or slave). You can control all drives which have a CANopen or an EtherCAT interface (CoE). Additional IO is realized by external EtherCAT or CANopen modules which allow a very good price performance ratio.

The Master MACS was developed for the path control (e.g. robots with multiple axes), but is also suitable for all applications with many axes and high precision as in print finishing (feeder), for metering machines as well as packaging, filling and labelling machines.

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