zub AG provides highly sophisticated multi axis control modules and software for drive positioning and synchronization.

zub products for drive engineeringProduct range:
Free programmable controls for one and multi axis positioning and drive synchronization, compact controls with embedded power amplifiers, digital amplifiers, I/O modules with analog and digital inputs and outputs, CAN and EtherCAT networking (see product gallery) as well as the automation software APOSS.

We offers standard and OEM solutions for the drive engineering, which are used in a wide range of application worldwide. See also some samples of the different motion control solutions and zub engineerings in application as well consecutively.

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Application Areas

– Low cost mechanical stop adjustment
– X/Y/Z-positioning of probes
– Work-piece and tool positioning in machines
– High precision, slip-free positioning of measuring heads by parallel signal processing of encoders and glass scales

Synchronous Feeding
– Synchronous feeding of components (e.g. supplements, CDs, labels
– Position synchronization using marker correction, jerk limitation, and signal filtering

– Synchronization of label ejection and goods
– Synchronous feeding with marker correction and online CAM profiling

– Shaping products in a running process flow
– Flying saw with on-the-fly product length adjustment by online CAM profile calculation

Storage / Commissioning
– Cart positioning in high bay warehouses or storage systems (e.g. pharmacies)
– Positioning with on-the-fly target adaptation
– Jerk-limited acceleration and braking ramps.

Path Control
– Recording of seam geometries for the automated application of adhesives with portal robots
– Casting and foam application
– Engraving and milling
– Application of adhesives and sealants

Measuring machines
– Highly-accurate position recording in tool testing devices
– Absolute precision in the micrometre range
– Fast and efficient data recording of tool positions

Medical technology
– Analysis equipment and laboratory handling
– Pipetting and dosing
– Laboratory automation

– Electronic servo traversing gear: Synchronization of the traversal with the speed of material
– Automatic tension control

– High precision flow control of pumps
– Flow rate and dose control of analytic and infusion pumps
– Control of automated pipette systems

– Lift control with jerk optimized acceleration and deceleration profiles
– Standalone control of lifting platforms
– Network-based controls for overstage and understage machinery in theatres
– Load and slack rope monitoring