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APOSS Motion Control Commands

Overwiew of all APOSS Commands, classified in command groups, issue 11/2015

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APOSS User Manual

>> Introduction
What is APOSS?, What’s New in APOSS 6.10, Legal information, and Content.
>> Getting Started
Safety Tips and Requirements, … , Installing the APOSS-IDE, Wiring the Controller, Starting and Exiting APOSS, Connecting to the Controller, Setting of Parameters, Setting of Parameters, Connecting and Checking Encoder, Execute a Test Program.
>> APOSS User Interface
User Interface: APOSS Windwow, Keyboard and Mouse Functions, File Menu, Edit, Development, Controller, Tools, Settings, … , Debugging Programs.
>> APOSS Tools
CAM-Editor, Array Editor, and Oscilloscope.
>> Motion Control Topics
Optimizing the PID Controller, CAM, CAM Box, and Jerk Limitation.
>> Programming with APOSS
Introduction, Preprocessor, APOSS Command Groups, and Command Reference.
>> Parameter Reference
Basics, Parameter Overview, Axis Parameters in Detail, Global Parameters in Detail.
>> Error Reference
Overview APOSS error messages, Error Reference, and APOSS Software Messages.
>> Technical Reference
Special Features, product specific, Array Structure of CAM Profiles, New Curve Types, Illustrations.

Subject Manuals and Instructions

>> ZBMOC Library
The ZBMOC Library offers a collection of simple to use functions for Configuration, Control, and Supervising of zub control units in production environment. Every of the required functions can be accessed by your Windows application program. The commucatin library offers a uniform programming API to the zub controls, independent of the used interfaces and bus systems.

>> APOSS Software Handbuch bis Version 6.7.x
Chapter I to VI: Basics, Commissioning, PID, CAM and CAM bos, User Interface, Programmiing with APOSS, Reference all Commands and Parameters, Programming an APOSS wizard, Errors and Messages, Communication and ASCII Commands Reference, Programming Samples, News in version …, Technical Reference.