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Engineering-Dienstleistung: Ein Beispiel aus der Praxis

A company is unable to upgrade its own positioning control system because the components are no longer available. It is not economically feasible to develop a new control system. On the other hand, existing systems have to be retrofitted or defective ones replaced. What to do?
Read here how zub AG – after a successful demo – was able to realize a complete solution within just two weeks. Download PDF


Synchronisation © Ferag AG

Ferag AG is one of the world’s leading suppliers of machinery and equipment for the print finishing industry. Ferag systems produce up to 100,000 magazines or newspapers per hour. The Ferag machines are "fed" by an almost endless flow of paper coming from a rotary printing press. Each printed sheet is automatically cut, folded, and assembled; each magazine is automatically stitched together. Supplements, like leaflets, flyers and CDs, are inserted and address labels are attached without stopping the fast moving conveyor belts. Download PDF

Jerk Limitation

Jerk limitation

All humans are very sensitive to the changes in acceleration that can be experienced inside most common lift cabins. Modern control systems enable electric and hydraulic drives to make gentle, almost imperceptible movements. In total, there are four different motion sequences between the starting and stopping of the lift that cause various passenger sensations. These sequences must be handled by the control system using optimized motion patterns and parameters. Download PDF

Compact Storage / Commissioning

Apostore Compact Storage

Apostore GmbH is one of the world's leading suppliers of compact sized storage systems in use by pharmacies and hospitals. The medicine boxes are automatically transferred into the storage system, arranged internally, and dispensed again at the request of the pharmacist. Download PDF

Flying Saw

Flying Saw © Pamag Engineering AG

The endless flow of cooled and pressed "ribbon" on the conveyor belt is cut into single mats by "flying saws". The two sawing units are placed on transverse travelling gears. The whole unit is accelerated on a linear guide parallel to the conveyor belt until the speed is synchronized with the conveyor belt and the position of the saw blade corresponds to the requested fiber mat length. The linear speed of the sawing unit is controlled and adjusted every millisecond to match the speed of the conveyor belt during the sawing process. This guarantees that the soft material is not compressed or stretched by the saw blade. Download PDF

FOC - Field oriented Control

Field oriented Control © Binkski - Fotolia

A high performance processor technology in conjunction with high-end control algorithms allows to provide high torque levels already at standstill und to react to load cycles in milli seconds.

The zub machine control AG has optimized some innovative control algorithms for an Asian producer of cranes and has succussfully carried out from theorie into practice, i.e. integrated into the internal software of the frequency converter. Interested? Read more in the brochure Field Oriented Control.

Perforation on-the-fly

Perforation-on-the-fly © Hunkeler AG 

Hunkeler AG is one of the world's leading suppliers of compact, stackable system modules for print finishing. Complete paper processing is done between the unwinder module, with its huge paper rolls, and the final device that outputs single pages, magazines and books. The paper moves at speeds of up to 220m/min out of high-speed printers and is perforated, punched, cut, and folded "on-the-fly" inside Hunkeler's system modules. Download PDF

Micro Positioning

Mikro-Positionierung (c) Fotolia

The highly precise position information of inspection machines is generated by different position feedback devices. The motorized movement of the measuring heads is processed and controlled by a modern motion control unit which evaluates all the position feedback signals simultaneously. It is also possible to release the mechanical output shaft of the motors and move the measuring heads manually to a position close to the inspected device. The final micrometer positioning is then done automatically again. Download PDF

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  • zub machine control AG provides highly sophisticated motion control modules and software for drive positioning and synchronization.

    The MACS motion control modules are the intelligent link in between the PLC or PC and the drive unit. Standardized hardware and software interfaces combined with free programmability offer maximum compatibility without any limitation for the integration of application-specific features and add-ons.

    zub AG offers supplementary consulting and engineering services to assist their customers in a very focused and most efficient way.

    Take the opportunity to reduce your time to market, your development costs, and your risks. Count on a partner like zub AG, who provides products and engineering services focused on highly-sophisticated but still cost-optimized motion control solutions.

    We are happy to accept your challenge. Please contact us for an initial discussion.

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