APOSS Motion Control Tools


  CAM-Editor: Interactive editor to create CAM profiles for CAM controls and CAM boxes.

  Array-Editor: List-oriented interface to view and edit all arrays and para-meters of the control.

  APOSS Oszilloskop: Recording and visualization of process data to optimize the drive and amplifier. Support during debugging of proto-type applications, in identifying of problems during operation, and for tuning of the internal controller parameters for optimal system performance.

  Path-Editor: User friendly path editor for path controls for
    - casting and foaming
    - engraving and milling (see Video sample)
    - applying glue and sealant

Interface Support

Multiple interface types are supported for connecting controllers and encoders: V24 (serial), CAN-LPT, CAN-USB, USB, EtherCAT, and Ethernet (TCP/IP). As well, corresponding test programs are available.

Predefined standard solutions for different machine types alleviate the commissioning effort.


Interactive graphical editors

The APOSS-IDE includes one of the most modern CAM editors for definition of CAM curves with or without marker correction.

Bedienfreundlicher Bahneditor für Bahnsteuerungen 

Sample APOSS-Path-Editor:The user friendly path editor uses spline interpolation to automatically calculate the optimum curve, while taking the acceleration and speed into account. A gear cover is shown here as an example.