APOSS, the Axis Positioning and Synchronizing IDE is a high level Language Programming Tool optimized for Motion Control as a integrated development environment (IDE) for motion control tasks and CAN communication.

Axis Positioning and Synchronization Language

APOSS® is a programming language that offers an optimized syntax for effective programming of drive solutions. The APOSS language structure is based on established high level languages like Basic and C, but extends them with high performance motion control commands.

Even very complex positioning and synchronization functions can be initiated with APOSS using simple commands (e.g. POSA, POSR, SYNCP, SYNCV, SYNCC) and will run completely autonomously as background tasks. APOSS commands

Unlike typical PLC systems, interrupt functions allow fast, real-time reactions that are independent from the program main loop cycle time.

Motion Control Library

The specialized APOSS drive engineering commands within the Motion Control Library are freely available with every zub control. The Motion Control Library is completely license free.

Motion Control Functions

  Absolute/relative Positioning: Standard trapezoidal movement for fast and precise axis traversing; asynchronous axis traversing (POSA/POSR) or multiple synchronous axes (LINA/LINR).

  Jerk limited positioning: Profile runs with limited jerk; jerk limitation can be defined separately for all four acceleration phases. Jerk limited runs can also be changed during the actual run (velocity, acceleration, jerk, target).

  CAM profiles: Each axes can traverse its own CAM profile. CAM profiles can be freely combined and dynamically calculated. CAM segments can be splines, polynomials up to 5th order, or straight.

  Path traversal for any number axes. Path movements can be done with constant or maximum path velocity.

  Synchronization tasks: Run axes synchronously with a master axis, with synchronous position, synchronous velocity, or synchronous position with marker correction. Each axis can be synchronized with a different master.


The APOSS Integrated Development Environment is a comprehensive soft-ware development tool for programming, testing, and debugging motion control solutions. It supports networking with CAN, EtherCAT, and Ethernet.

  Editor with syntax highlighting

  Online help with many typical programming samples

  Program and parameter handling: Multiple program support on the control unit; configuration for automated start at power-on, program selection by a PLC, or selection simply using switches connected to the digital inputs.

  Interactive graphical editors like CAM, Array, and Path Editor

  Debugging & Optimizing: Online debugging of process data and variables; Smart-Oscilloscope with real-time support; integrated graphical CAM Editor.

  State Machine Support: APOSS® supports the automatic execution of hierarchic State Machines.

The APOSS-IDE is supported on PC systems running Microsoft Windows from Windows XP onwards. Download Software

APOSS User Interface

Editor with Syntax-Highlighting and Syntax-Check

Configuration of the globale parameters

Synchronization sample