Seminar Dates

2 days seminar 2018 Nov 13th/14th
«APOSS-BASICS» and «APOSS-Advanced»

Agenda (provisional):

1st day - «APOSS-BASICS» 
NOTE: Pre-Condition: general PC and basic C/C++ programming knowledge; 
Hardware: please bring your own PC with USB interface & installed APOSS ® win (latest release) 

- Start-up
- Connectivity of MACS controllers
- Initializing
- Parameter tuning
- Oscilloscope
- First APOSS programming
- Open questions
- Wrap-up day 1

2nd day - «APOSS-Advanced»
NOTE: Pre-Condition: «APOSS-BASICS» or advanced experience with zub controllers, C/C++ programming knowledge, own PC with installed APOSS ® win (latest release);
Hardware: please bring your own PC with USB interface & installed APOSS ® win (latest release)

- New products
- Advanced APOSS programming
- State machine programming
- CAN drives on MACS controller
- EtherCAT drives on MACS controller
- Usage of features such as CAM editor, Path editor, WebServer
- New features (e.g. robotic library, etc.)
- Future wishes and requirements of participants
- Open questions
- Wrap-up day 1
- etc.

Previous seminar items

«CAN Seminar»
[26 October, 2017]

- CAN basics (hardware, bus structure, telegram structure, arbitration)
- CANopen basics (DS 301, SDO, PDO, Heartbeat, ...)
- CANopen Device Profiles (DS 402, Drives, EDS Files)
- CANopen application (Master / Slave functionality, APOSS programming)
- CAN vs EtherCAT (similarities, differences)

Uses of the MasterMACS device for data logging and as internal communication tool including analysis of the sampled data.
[9 June, 2016]

From our seminar’s agenda:
– The various communication channels of the MasterMACS
– Integrating MasterMACS into existing automation solutions
– Communication with frequency inverters and servo amplifiers
– MasterMACS as a data logger in practice
– Analysis of the registered data (SD card)
– Monitoring of the devices via WebPage

Networked with MasterMACS
[22 October, 2015]

- DSA servo amplifier and Danfoss FC controlled by MasterMACS
  via CAN-bus
- MasterMACS as EtherCAT-Master controls multiple drives
- Maxon amplifier allows high dynamic positioning
- Connect MasterMACS as EtherCAT slave with the PLC
- MasterMACS communicates with the PC via Ethernet
- MasterMACS act as a web server with customer-specific pages
- Another MasterMACS communication possibilities

State Machines: Do you already design or do you still encode?
[29 January, 2015]

- Hierarchic State Machines with APOSS
- Why are State Machines familiar to us?
- What are State Machines, events, and transitions?
- What is the difference between State Machines and
  hierarchic State Machines?
- How to do a simple State Machines with APOSS.
- How to save time and money with the programming.
- How to document a State Machines.

Register now: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone: +41 41 54150-40 or by PDF form.

General Information

Number of participants: Max. 10, min. 4 participants
For an efficient seminar the minimal and maximal number of participants has to be limited. The final confirmation will be sent after minimum number of participants is reached.
The order of confirmation is based on the registration order. 

Language: English or German (depends on participants) 

Price: Per day / per participant: 448,- €
inclusive Lunch, Coffee Break, and Dinner.
The invoice have to be paid upfront after final registration confirmation.

Starting date and end: 
08:30 am – 12:00 pm / 13:30 pm – 17:00 pm (on the second day till 16:00 pm)

Location: Buzibachstrasse, CH-6023 Rothenburg

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