MACS5-AMP3X - Extended Version

  • No. of axes:

    1 to 3 axes

  • Motion Control Features:

    Positioning, Synchronization, CAM profiling

  • Integrated Amplifier:

    3 x DC or 2 x EC or 1 stepper or mixed operation

  • Interfaces:

    USB, Ethernet, RS232, 2 x CAN;
    opt.: EtherCAT-Slave, EtherCAT-Master, ...

1 to 3 Axes Motion Control: Extended Version with Ethernet and analog IOs as standard equipment.

Data sheet MACS5-AMP3X

Available types of the series MACS5-AMP:

MACS5-AMP1: Amplifiers Cont./peak current: 2/10 A

MACS5-AMP2 "High Power": Amplifiers Cont./peak current: 10/30 A

MACS5-AMP3-Lite: Amplifiers Cont./peak current: 3.2/7 A

MACS5-AMP3-Lite-HP: Amplifiers Cont./peak current: 4/8 A

MACS5-AMP3X "Extended": Amplifiers Cont./peak current: 4/8 A; analog IOs as standard equipment

OEM versions with specialized connectors, interfaces (e.g. Profinet, Profibus, Powerlink), and motion control features on request, starting at 500 pcs; brand labeling possible.

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Motion Control Module serves as EtherCAT-Slave as well EtherCAT-Master.
Every motion control module of the new MACS5 product line offers full featured functionality for multi-axis positioning and drive synchronization of servo and asynchronous motors. Integrated interfaces for different types of incremental  ... read press note

MACS5 Motion Control Modules unload the PLC, maximize functionality, and reduce costs! MACS5_PLC-Integration.pdf