MACS4-DC6 Compact Control Unit

  • No. of axis:

    1 to 6 axes

  • Motion Control Features:

    Positioning, Synchronization, CAM profiling

  • Integrated Amplifier:

    6 x DC

  • Interfaces:

    USB, Ethernet, RS232, 2 x CAN;
    opt.: EtherCAT-Slave, EtherCAT-Master

6-Axis compact control unit with integrated amplifiers.

Download Data Sheet MACS4-DC6

The MACS4-DC6 has reached its EOL - End of Product Life Cycle - and is discontinued.
It is replaced by the MACS5-AMP1; the MACS5-AMP2 is suited to applications with higher current demands.

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Broschure 2018: Positioning and Synchronization of Drives

MACS4-DC6: 6-axis Motion-Control with integrated Amplifiers
The MACS4-DC6 is the best choice for high-accuracy, but low-cost, positioning of up to six small DC motors. Both stand-alone control mode and slave mode are possible. Motion control functionality can be included in almost any system or PLC just by adding MACS4-DC6 modules. The MACS4-DC6 offers all the required motion control functionality plus encoder interfaces and power stages for six motors of up to 180W peak each ... read press note