MACS3 Motion Control Unit

  • No. of axis:

    1- to 3 axes

  • Motion Control Features:

    Positioning, Synchronization, CAM profiling

  • Integrated Amplifier:

  • Interfaces:

    2 x CAN, RS232

1- to 3-axis motion contol unit for servo amplifiers and frequency converters.

Download Data Sheet MACS3

The successful MACS3 has reached its EOL - End of Product Life Cycle - and is discontinued and replaced by the MACS5-Compact, the new cost-optimized controller for positioning and synchronizing 1 to 3 axes:

Same width and similar volume with identical connector configuration allow easy replacement in the control cabinet, and all applications can be adapted and operated because their are backwards-compatible. Of course, the MACS5-Compact is as performant as the MACS5 series and therefore much more powerful than the MACS3. With Ethernet, USB and optional EtherCAT, it has more interfaces, additional analogue inputs and an additional encoder.

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